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We all like to try and download free software, and FreeApps will collect and sort them all in a convenient list you can access at any time, whenever we are connected to the Internet.

The program basically is a list of free apps sorted by category that you can download with one click from the interface. Also FreeApps tells you the version of the applications, the rating given by users and the number of downloads. FLV, GomPlayer, Spotify, GIMP, GameBoost, Xfire, Avast, 7-Zip or Dropbox are just some of the free programs you can download easily.

Other FreeApps tabs will show the programs we have installed and that need to be updated. That way, we'll always have the latest all our programs.

Another tab in the program allows us to uninstall applications. It has several interesting features, such as filters which we have just used, and "toolbars" that we have recently installed.

FreeApps is a great source to download free apps, install, update and delete them. An excellent tool that we do not even need to install. We simply need to double click and we can start using it without problems.